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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud is relatively new to most people especially if you’re not in the field of IT services. Unfortunately everyone’s definition of Cloud computing is different. Most think of Cloud computing is being able to sync content of multiple devices via cloud. Also Cloud to some is just being able to save files off from your local computer for backups. Though both are true statements, it’s only a fraction of what Cloud Computing actually can do.
Most Cloud Computing companies say they put your business on the cloud, but technically they are just putting your data on the cloud. You can access your files but you are still a slave to your local desktop sitting on your desk. So you can only work from one site. Mainly you office computer sitting on your desk at work.
There are less than a handful of companies in the world that are able to provide the network structure and software architecture to provide Cloud computing at the level that Firelite offers. Funny enough it’s even better than Microsoft’s 365 Cloud service.
We provide a true Cloud Computing experience, not only are your business files on the cloud but you are literally working on a cloud based desktop running off of several super computers working as one. So technically it’s like being able to turn any device that can connect to the internet into your business desktop, that can truly follow you everywhere you go.