I've been blessed throughout my career to be able to work with amazing mentors and colleagues, in leading industry companies such as Poppy Tyson (marketing, CD-rom Dev.), Adobe Systems (Media Software and font dev.), iBuyline (Web Dev. e-commerce). I'm fortunate that I was able to be a pioneer and help develop this amazing industry.

Notable Moments in my Career.

Poppy Tyson was a CD-rom developement company specializing in interactive interfaces, which was cutting edge technology at the time. Some of our notable clients were Prodigy, Aol, and Sony Playstation Underground. At Poppy Tyson I was the one who came up with the winning idea that brought Sony on board as a client. Which launched me to an early Senior position. In fact the first Playstation Demo disc intro used my idea: "Kids passing through an Arcade, aptly named "Fred's Arcade" walking passed games to the back where there was a secret door that led to a Sony Playstation and game room." I wished I kept that demo disc...

At Adobe I was developing interactive CD-rom based training for the "Classroom in a Book Series" which taught people how to use Adobe Software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Dimensions and Streamline. I also suggested in a developer meeting that we should have software bundles for specific industries such; as video editing, graphic design and web design, then Adobe software BUNDLES was born! I didn't get the credit for it but I know, and a few colleagues know and that's okay with me.

While working at Adobe I was given a beta of FLASH Dev Kit to test with illustrator files, flash allowed moving pixel and vector based objects and sound on a webpage. Before that, the only way to make anything move was with an animated GIF file. I was one of the top 3 Flash Developers in the world at that time and that's how I started my first business Eslao Interactive, a marketing, design and flash developer.

I then left Adobe to work for an up and coming Internet Startup, Softwarebuyline which became iBuyline after i suggested that our company domain name was too long. iBuyline was an internet based business that developed some of the first major e-commerce websites, such as,, and which is Barnes & Noble. At the time was the largest and most intuitive e-commerce site on the web. Also one of my first contributions to e-commerce that I never really brag about is this, before I came on-board the area in which customer products were stored was called a merchant cart, I then designed an icon for it that was a illustration of a shopping cart and then I changed the name to SHOPPING CART. So pretty much the whole e-commerce industry can thank me for that one! I wish I patented that idea!



New technology is changing the industry once again. Cloud computing is the next big thing!

What Cloud Computing stories will you and I be able to tell next?