Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Firelite Cloud Desktop

Firelite Cloud desktop solutions allows you to turn any device with a internet connection into your personal business desktop complete with all your business data and applications.

Firelite cloud computing will save you money while maximizing work efficiency. Cloud computing helps all your applications, files, shared drives, desktops, laptops, printers, copiers, tablets and smartphones work seamlessly together.

Firelite Cloud Desktop Features and Benefits:

  • Firelite Cloud Desktop is completely customized to your exact business needs.
  • Not only does your data follow you on your Firelite Cloud Desktop, but also your applications, including proprietary applications.
  • Applications run 20times faster on Firelite Cloud Servers regardless of local computer hardware.
  • Up to 100% guaranteed up time on Firelite Cloud desktops!
  • Scheduled, offsite data backups
  • FREE server hardware upgrades
  • 24/7 Secure access to your cloud desktop from any internet device.
  • Free Cloud desktop software upgrades
  • 128 bit military grade SSL encryption
  • Remote access to all hosted desktop applications and data
  • Month-to-month Microsoft licensing
  • Local printing and scanning

Cloud Data Back Up

If you are using our Firelite Cloud Desktop you will automatically have our Firelite Cloud Backup service that minimizes your company’s risk of data loss due to user error, malicious activity, file corruption, theft, accidental deletion and natural disasters. We backup your data every 4hrs everyday, and we keep a backup recovery history up-to 30days.

Firelite Cloud Backup Solution Offers Reliable, Safe, Secure, Anytime Anywhere Access to Your Backed Up Data.

Backing up your data on our Firelite cloud is an ideal solution that stores your data at multiple offsite locations for redundancy. Privacy and security is our top priority, we developed a reliable, safe and secure infrastructure with strict security policies, military-grade encryption technology combined with multiple location enterprise-class level data centers.

Our Firelite Cloud Backup solution is easy to manage because there is no equipment requirement. Users can securely access or restore files using a intuitive web-based interface or you can let one of our experts manage your data recovery for you. Firelite Cloud Backup Solution can be customized by setting policies on bandwidth usage and backup speeds and defining what file types to back up.

Firelite Cloud Backup Solution Features and Benefits:

  • Supports Windows and Mac computers and servers
  • Encrypts all client data before transmission and while stored on our cloud server.
  • Backs up SQL and Exchange data and locked files including Outlook PST files
  • Provides computer - or web-based file restoration with individually restorable, historical versions of files for up-to 30 days depending on your service.
  • Cloud Backs up only new or modified files after the initial backup to save your bandwidth and time.

Hosted Exchange Service

Businesses on-the-go needs Firelite hosted Exchange for reliable, easy-to-use technology to keep everyone connected and working as a unified team. Hosted Exchange helps you manage your time and information with powerful collaboration tools that help you synchronize information across various devices, allowing you to manage projects and share the latest information.

Firelite Hosted Exchange Overview

Microsoft Exchange for Outlook provides an easy-to-navigate interface, minimizing the learning curve for users. This integrated solution helps your company and your employees manage time and information more efficiently.

By connecting and synchronizing information between computers and mobile devices, Hosted Exchange provides a complete communications tool for your business.

Hosted Exchange Features and Benefits:

  • If your business has multiple locations you can easily collaborate business efforts as a unified team.
  • Enhance productivity through integrated company communications—everyone stays connected through streamlined collaboration.
  • Multilayered anti-spam filtering with continuous updates stops unwanted messages before they are received
  • Enjoy convenient, anywhere access so users can work on their desktops, laptops or mobile devices.
  • Implement easy-to-use, enterprise-class communication tools such as calendar sharing, mobile sync and task management.

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